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Sight Reduction Tables

  • PUB. NO. 249  (download individual Latitudes or Volumes) (courtesy of Celestaire) (also known as Ho- 249)
  • PUB. NO. 229  (download individual volumes) (also known as Ho- 229)

    Complete Sun & Star sight reduction Procedure

‣  Methods & Forms

‣  Formulas for Celestial Navigation

‣  Artificial Horizon

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‣  Sun Sight Reduction Excel Spreadsheet
            A Sun sight reduction program!  From

Complete Celestial Sight Reduction Excel Spreadsheet
            Covers all navigational bodies. 

Complete Celestial Sight Reduction Spreadsheet in ODS format
            Covers all navigational bodies.  Can be used in LibreOffice Calc.

Celestial Navigation Forum
            Discuss and learn about Celestial Navigation- All are welcome

The Terrestrial Almanac- 2018
            Calendars for the World and United states

The American Practical Navigator

Organized in a useful manner
Download the Chapters you want or the entire work

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